The Tech-Ready GMC Sierra 1500

These days, drivers in Elkhart have multiple electronic devices that they carry with them on the go. Luckily, the new GMC Sierra 1500 has the features to cater to those drivers' needs. We here at Lochmandy Motors are excited to show you how tech-friendly this popular light-duty pickup really is.

To keep all of your devices charged, multiple USB ports are installed throughout the cabin. In the front, there are a couple of ports on the center console so that you can keep your device nearby as its charging. Behind the center console, you'll find even more ports and a standard electrical outlet.

The great tech doesn't stop there. GMC is offering a wireless modem with the 1500. It's capable of receiving 4G LTE cell signal and creating a wireless hotspot. This hotspot can be used to surf the web, stream music from popular services, and get detailed information about the local area on the infotainment system.



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