Visit the Dodge Challenger at Lochmandy Motors

The Dodge Challenger is reminiscent of the heyday of American muscle. From the 1950s all the way to the beginning of the 1970s, cars like the Dodge Challenger dominated the car market in the United States. Recently, Dodge and other American auto manufacturers have revived their muscle car lines to great fanfare. While the original versions of the Challenger were barebones, no frill vehicles, the modern versions are much more luxe.

Different trim levels on the Dodge Challenger offer vastly different performance. The higher-end versions can produce up to 808 horsepower, while the lowest priced model clocks in at roughly 245 horsepower. All models of the Challenger are oriented more towards performance than any other function. Since the line is comprised of 2d coupes they are generally used as weekend vehicles or fun cars.

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