MOPAR is Stronger Than Ever Eight Decades Later

It's hard to believe that Mopar turned 80 in 2017. The iconic Chrysler brand looks to be going strong heading into its eighty-first year of production. Mopar had a number of major firsts in the automotive parts industry. Chrysler developed new types of replaceable oil filters as well as downdraft carburetors in the first few years of Mopar's existence.

One-piece curved windshields were little more than a dream in the 1930s. When Chrysler finally introduced these windshields in the later part of that decade, Mopar was chosen to market them. They were even involved with the development and marketing of a new method of installing engines in automotive hoods so that they wouldn't shake around and irritate drivers with vibrations.

Mopar eventually got associated with more powerful engines. The 1957 Chrysler 300C came equipped with a 392 cubic inch HEMI that put out 375 horses, and it wouldn't have ever been able to do that without Mopar constantly standing behind t. If you need some quality Mopar parts, then get in touch with Lochmandy Motors close to you in Elkhart.
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