Properly Working Muffler & Exhaust System Protects Environment

An emissions test is usually required as part of the annual inspection process to renew your vehicle's registration with the state department of motor vehicles. If your exhaust system or muffler operation fail to meet specific state standards, our service department at Lochmandy Motors in Elkhart can analyze what's causing the problem and get you a successful test score.

Exhausts and mufflers aren't the most glamorous part of the automotive industry, but they are essential. They not only prevent harmful emissions from your car from polluting the environment, they also eliminate noise pollution created by the exhaust system that is quieted by a properly working muffler.

Our service technicians are wizards at performing all types of muffler and exhaust system repair in addition to replacing O2 sensors. Although most mufflers today are designed to last the life of your vehicle, any increasing noise is a sign your muffler needs prompt attention.

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